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ORIGINAL: the_sandman_454

I've got a Crosman 2100 just like that, except I don't have a scope on it. Nice scope by the way.

I was wondering if you have a good way to load pellets reasonably easily. maybe my hands are just too big to effectively drop one down in the loading port. Seems like I usually have to fiddle around with it to get the pellet aligned the right way in the port.
In fact I do. I too had a hard time loading them by hand. I took two straws. One of them I split all the way down so that it would slide inside the other one. Then I took a lighter and barly melted the end and lighly pressed it on teh table. That created a lip at the end to hold the pellets in. Then fed pellets from teh other end and inserted the split straw behind it. Taht allows you to push one pellet at a time out into the chamber kind of like a syringe. I'll take a pic of it this evening when I get home and upload it. I'm sure other fellas can come up with a more sophisticated meathod but that's what works for me.
Here's a pic of it. It works well for me-and it's cheap to make

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