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Default Virginia Mountain Longbeard takes a dirt nap

Well, I left home around 9pm last tuesday night heading for Jefferson National Forest near Rural Retreat, VA. Got my stuff together and headed for where I needed to be and didn't hear a gobble til around 7am. Got to the area where I heard the longbeard gobbling and made a stupid mistake by setting up facing the east. I called on the last bench before the ridge and had him in my face with the sun right behind him at 50 yards. Couldn't make him out or even see where he was at. Had to wait an hour listening to him gobble every 5 minutes looking for the hen he heard. After a hour he finally made his way back up the ridge and I moved up to where he was gobbling and made a couple soft calls and he instantly got fired up again. Killed him dead at 9am. Great hunt and one heck of a work out. Had to walk up and down 3 mountains to get to where I needed to be. My 2008 season is over, but I've already started planning for my 2009 season. I can't wait and will miss those sweet mornings in the turkey woods.Hope you enjoy the pics. Take care and God bless

21 pounds
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David E.

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