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Default RE: Mixed breed dogs-Good Hunters????

ORIGINAL: Jacob Garrett
It doesn't matter how a dog is bred if it doesn't have the brains to hunt it won't make it in the woods.
That's why dogs coming out of puppy mills are so consistent in their hunting abilities. How a dog is bred has everything to do with how it will perform in the woods. I hear often people saying "I found a dog in the pound that turned out to be a great hunting dog" or "this mutt points as well as any pointer." Whether that's true, who knows; but a well bred litter of dogs will ALL perform well in the woods. Bottom line, you get what you pay for.

I think your $ 1200 - $ 1500 numbers are too high. You could easily get a GWP from a hunting background or a Drahthaar for under $ 1,000.

Best of luck with your pup dodge.
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