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Default Arrow shaft suggestions

Alright school's out. And due to well-meaning roommate I'm down to three Excel 340s. I'm looking at lower priced arrows to replace them. May just replace with the same ones. Here's the rundown on my set.

'07 Bengal 74#
Drop away rest
Easton Excel 340s
27.25" raw shaft 27 5/8" nock groove-to-insert
125 heads (may reconsider this...BUT my FOC right now is 11.5% don't want to go lower)
Been running 3 blazers

Would like to try 4 blazers, 4 mini blazers, 3" feathers, rayzor feathers (3 and 4), and even FOBs before it's done. It'll be a fun summer!

The 340 excels are 9.5gr/inch. Don't want to go heavier as my total arrow weight is right around 435gr. I'm old-school enough that I'm very comfortable with that, especially since these new bows make 74# a breeze!

Suggestions? All I need is cut-to-length and inserts put it. So I really don't want to spend $80/dozen. (I'd rather spend my money "playing" with fletchings[8D] )
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