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Default RE: Turkey Mounting Help

This literally takes less than 15 or 20 minutes to get the feathers off the bird and onto a board for the drying process. You'll need, Borax laundry detergent booster (found at walmart), a sharp knife of course, a piece of cardboard, and some pins of any kind (I used trail tacks for the one I killed Saturday and its working fine).

1. Cut the tail feathers off if you havent already, and cut off any excess meat or fat around the base. You should cut off as much as possible but be careful not to cut into where the feathers connect.
2. Open the borax, fold the feathers up together, and dip the base of the feathers into the borax making sure all of it is generously covered.
3. Take your cardboard and start a small pile of borax on it where you'll lay the back of the base of the fan. Lay the fan base directly on the borax pile, spread out the feathers to the desired position for the mount.
4. Use the pins to keep the fan and each feather in place. I like to put onepinbeside the base on either side, then one pin above each and every feather to keep them from drawing up together.
5. Pour some extra borax on the base and give it a good rub down.
6. You may need to add some weight if your fan wants to stick up in the middle. If it's bowing up near the base, just put a piece of paper on top of the base with a couple of books or something stacked on it.

Let this sit for at least 2 weeks, ideally more, then it should be ready to put your trophy into a store bought mount kit.Once you do this drying process a couple of times you'll be a pro at it, it's fairly simple. Good Luck!
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