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Default I finally found my " White Whale "

I finally found a gun I have been looking for ... for a lot of years. I found it on, and started bidding. I was in the lead @ 675.00, then someone else ( who had no rating ) began to bid against me. I got back in the lead @ 810.00, and decided to stop there. The other person bid 815.00 and I thought I had lost it[:@]... Then later I found out that my wife was the other bidder..... She was bidding against me, because she said she wanted to buy it for me since I had been looking for one soooo long. I know she loves me, and I appreciate the thought, but I would have rather had it @ 675.00 and just let her pay for it.... But I love her for it anyway.

My " white whale " ?

A Browning A-Bolt II Micro Medallion in .308. In near mint condition.

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