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As someone who has spent hundreds of days a year for 30 years in the mountains of Idaho, when I see with my own eyes what has happened to our elk it makes me want to sit and weep. They have absolutly let the wolves run out of control, in our winter grounds where you used to see elk herds in the hundreds, now you see herds of ten or less. It sounds like we will be able to hunt wolves this fall, but it is too late, and it will be decades before our herd numbers rebound. I enjoy hearing the occassional wolf in the mountains, but it has got to the point where all you see and hear are wolves, the official wolf counts are absurdly low, they are thicker than fly's in central Idaho. Now we have them all around our towns, and as much as I believe the Educated Officials that wolves don't attack people, I am not betting my childrens lives on it, so it has really affected how we as a family enjoy the outdoors together. When I was a child I explored the river valleys and woods near town with my dog and pellet rifle, which in my parents minds was enough to keep the bears and cougars at bay, but now my kids will not get to do as much of this, since wolves hunt in packs, and instead of the family dog being a protector, it is now the bait when it come to wolves. I guess our way of life holds less value to the politicians than making the missguided enviros feel like they are saving the planet by planting an invasive non native animal into an ecosystem that they have utterly descimated. I will quit rambling now, as I can spew for hours on this subject, but for all those sick and weak proponates out their, I have a machine that turns lead into gold that I will sell you on the cheap.....and the native wolves we did have, guess what ate them??
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