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Unlike MT, WY and ID, we've always had wolves here in NE and now most northern MN. But their numbers got so far out of whack (high), when the feds, courts and greenies stuck their noses into it and stop all controls of their population. I hope with recent de-listing that our state can once again maintain a reasonable wolf pop. which will help us avoid the wide swings in deer and moose population we have now, due to the high number of wolves.
actually like muliefever said we have always had wolves in idaho long before they pushed the canadian wolves on us. anybody who doesnt believe that never spent enough time in the backcountry to find out. they avoided man and they were relatively small numbers and they were held in check. but the canadian wolves are bigger, more aggressive, and they do not fear man and they have run uncontrolled for 12 years. they have hadvery little threat from man and hardly any competition for food and their numbers have gotten out of control and the elk and deer herds have suffered.

are the wolves in minnesota native?
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