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Default RE: Minnesota hunters

ORIGINAL: ranger56528

not to many of us on here...I know of 5 including yourself....

What Recuve you useing this year Schultzy ?

Iam stickin with my Hunter now that I can shoot it after surgery....It was tuff not being able to shoot last year[:@]...
Hey there Ranger! Not many of us is right. I'm using the same recurve I've been using the last 13 years. Its called a Wind Walker. Its a custom made take down recurve. I can't find the company name anywhere on the internet so I'm guessing there not around anymore. The company was located in Sartel Minnesota. They weren't a very big outfit by any means but another buddy and I went for it and bought one for ourselves. I love mine, its been great. The only downfall is its to much weight. I'm pulling about 73lbs at 28.5". Good to hear your back in the swing of things again with the shoulder all good again.
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