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Default RE: Gun for wolf?

.270 will work jsut as well as anything. It is obviously a lot more gun than you need but it is a predator.

If I were using the .270 and wanted to preserve thepelt I would use a slower moving 150 grain bullet with heavy construction. It will penetrate both sides but will leave asmaller exit hole.I will almost guarantee you that a 130 grain ballistic tip will blow through and you will have a much much larger exit hole. I shot a 140 grain ballistic tip through a 600ish poundelks chest broadside out of my .270 and the exit wound was large enough to put my fist in it. Not a good pelt preserving bullet. Basically the .270 will give you two holes regardless of what bullet you choose. How large the exit hole depends on the construction of the bulelt.

Now, a .243 with a 95 grain ballistic tip or an 85 grain Sierra BTHP from Federalwould be far a better choice in my opinion. These two bullets will turn the insides to mush and will verylikely stay inside the wolf.
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