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Default A bunch of questions....? which .243 rifle for antelope ?

I'd like to get a lightweight set up, mainly for antelope. Which may carry over as a varmint rifle, or a backup for mule deer.

I want something in the .243 caliber, the cartridges I'm considering are .243 Win, or ackley improved which I believe can shoot .243 win, 6mm Rem., 6mm/284, .240 weatherby

I plan to spend $1000-$2200 ish, though would debate an awesome rifle if it were $3000 or less. The rifles so far I'm considering are; Weatherby mark V ultralightweight, HS precision lightweight, Christenson Arms Extreme, maybe a remington custom, not sure if they make a lightweight synthetic custom? bolt action of course, maybe 22" or 24" barrel.

I want a synthetic stock, I want something nice, something certainly under 1moa, and 1/2 moa or better sounds great.

Then is the 6mm/284, or 6.5mm/284 used as a target rifle, like 1000yd range more often?

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