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Default Is it my shooting or something else?....

I'm not a bad shot, Not by any means, I'm 44 yrs old and been shooting since I was 6, But I can't seem to get any tighter groups with my 50cal.other than about4 inches at 100yds. I was out the other day and took extra time and care, cleaned the bore, and waited for the barrel to cool down, between every shot, solid shooting from a bench. I had only 2 rounds in the 2" bullseye, one 1 1/2" high and 2" left, another 2 1/4" left, and 2 1/2"down. What really bothers me is that with 4 other shots, I had one 5"high and 6" right, and one 7"left and 3"high, and with 2 more that didn't even hit the paper! All shots mind you I didn't do any adjusting on the scope! I'm shooting a CVA Hunterbolt, Leuopold Vari X2, 100grns Pyrodex, and 295grn. Powerbelts. I'm so disgusted with these shots, I'm concidering selling it all. I've shot only one deer with it, 4 years ago, and it ended up a gut shot from 50yds. Not where I was aiming!!!! My question is, Do you think it might be possible that I'm doing something wrong during the shot? I know blackpowder shooting is a little differant than modern firearms, and that you need to follow thru with the shot, but I'mconsiously taking all this into consideration during the shot, and on a bench, and still, I'm winging shots that don't even hit the paper! I don't know what gives, anybody have troubles like this? I mean, I'm really seriously thinking about giving this up. Thanks, Scott.
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