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Sorry guys, my computer is having problems, so I may be in and out these next few days. About me... I will about to be 24 next week. My family owns about 200 acres in Central Texas. We have some food plotsstill growingfrom the fall so they should help with turkey hunting this spring. This last year was my first year bowhunting. I was successful in harvesting a deer so hope to continue into spring turkey season.This next Saturday I plan togo and check the camerasso hopefully we have some turkey action going on.


Hello ,TO and Fred checking in fromS/E NC. Have stuck a few,hope to stick some more. Seeing quite a few lately,season is April 12-May 10. Gonna warm up taking two kids on April 5 youth hunt. Nice sig TO,Saved by Grace
Thanks BTW.. my grandparents use to live in North Carolina. It is very beautiful place. They lived in Waynesville which I believe wasn't to far from Asheville?

ORIGINAL: ExtraDeadFred

Well should we start thinking of names guys? I have a couple Ithought of but we don't haveto use them. "String Kings", "Sling'n Sticks", and "Love Stuck Gobblers"
Good names EDF...keepthemcoming. EDF have you lived in Texas long?

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