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I was reading a post somewhere (I forget now) but when you load the Savage, you have to really make sure you compress the charge. Is that because of the smokeless and the need to develope the pressure behind the sabot? It was interesting because the post I read talked about it making a strange sound and then they figured they had not compressed the charge hard enough.

I actually have considered a Savage rifle. I love the looks of them.
It has to do with ignition, if you don't compress the charge, it won't go off. If the sabot is not tight to the bore, it won't go off or is not very accurate because of "blow by". I have never had a misfire with a BP inline, but I have had a few with the Savage. I have NOT had one since I learned about the tight sabot and the compress the load by placing your weight into the sabot. They are a beautiful gun, actually it looks a lot like the Knight you just bought. Chap

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