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ORIGINAL: gleason.chapman

ORIGINAL: hossdaniels

Cayugad, the ventliner is basically a replacable flash hole. Instead of buying a new breechplug every couple hundred rounds, just unscrew the oldventliner from the breechplug and screw in the new one. It's pretty much just a allen screw with a .031 hole drilled through the center. Good idea, and much cheaper than a new breech plug. Mine only seem to last about 75 shots before it starts opening up a little and accuracy starts going away fast, but its a quick fix and only cost a few bucks. (probably only costs cents to make)

Chap, nice shooting. I look foward to hearing the final results with these two bullets.
I have to drill out the carbon from the breech plug about every 25 shots. Chap
I was reading a post somewhere (I forget now) but when you load the Savage, you have to really make sure you compress the charge. Is that because of the smokeless and the need to develope the pressure behind the sabot? It was interesting because the post I read talked about it making a strange sound and then they figured they had not compressed the charge hard enough.

I actually have considered a Savage rifle. I love the looks of them.
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