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Default Homework---partially complete Barnes FlatNose

I loaded up 30 viles of AA 5744 smokeless powder intent on shooting today at 100 yards the following:

a) 15 shots of Barnes Flat Nose 45-70 bullet, Barnes Part Number 45843,a .458 diameter bullet with 3 different sabots---crused rib, MMP Orange (for .458 bullets) and MMP 3 petal EZ. This is the exact same bullet as the .452 Barnes MZ which they sell for MLing. However this is a rifle bullet designed for 45-70 govt guns. Should work well in a MLer, says Bryce Towsley in the book "Rifle Bullets for the Hunter A Definitive Study".


b) another 15 of the .452 Barnes PBX 300g, which is a Barnes X-bullet for pistols, only the sabots for this would be Crushed rib, MMP12 or MMP24 or MMP petal EZ. This bullet weighs 275g. Those of you who know me, know I like 300g bullets for better down range energy, but I want to try this for accuracy in my Savage, since it might be a good shooter, Randy Wakeman gets excellent accuracy from them and they would be an excellent deer bullet.

However only got 4 shots off before it started to pour. The loading was tight with the .458 Flat Nose, very tight. Instead of using my Savage Ram rod, I had bought a Power Rod 2 years ago for my Knight and it fit perfect in the Savage and even had a tip for pointed high BC bullets... I also used a short starter and the made things alot easier. I usually don't use one forNosler bullets with Crushed Rib sabots. Not a super group, but respectable.I have NOT cleaned the Savage since early November, when MLer season started, except once I drilled out the breech plug and inserted a new "vent liner", which is basically the hole that the flame shoots thru. They wear out faster on a Savage since it is shooting smokeless. Here is my target of 4 shots. Chap

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