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Uh, no pressure there or anything..... I'll see what I can do...I'm capable, but I think you got it.....

Man, I just did some playing w/ the numbers, and this thing is CLOSE. Buckeye has a solid hold of the top spot for the bowhunter class, but GMMAT and jmbuckhunter are in a dead heat. After dropping the lowest scores, they are TIED w/ 2165 points, with the edge going to GMMAT with 5 more X's....

Rick James and ruttnutt are only 6 points apart, and for the overall lead, Rick James is a mere 4 points behind buckeye.....gzg38b has a solid hold of the #4 spot, but gr8atta2d is hot on my heals to finish in the top 5.....

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