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Default Scheels Recluse Bow Made by Bowtech??

Does anybody have any experience or hear anything about the Sheels Recluse bow made by Bowtech?? This bow is on sale at Scheels for around $380 down from $499...and it seems like a pretty good deal. It is about 32" ATA, 7-8" brace height, weighs 3.7 lbs and has IBO speed of 315 fps and it is in natural gear camo. It shot like a dream. Looks like the Diamond Rapture except its faster and has a couple custom features.
The search forum shows no results on this bow...although the search feature seems not work at all for me.

I'm in the market for a new Mathews FX is around 8 years old and its time for a new one. I'm not one for a certain brand name...just like something that fits ME. Also considering Martin Bengal, Gander Mtn Tec, PSE Brute among a few others. Any info on the Recluse, any of thow bows above, or anything else in $400-500 range is appreciated. Thanks for the help.
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