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Default RE: timberline no peep

Looks interesting but I'm not an olympic shooter. I'm a hunter who finds himself shooting from small tree stands and awkward positions. I'm not sure I would benefit with this.
I use A Predator IV Pendulum sight. If I want to use fixed pins, I'd still use the Predator sight bas and peep site. The peep is one of the biggest I've seen. Plenty big to see in the darkest conditions. What I like about this system is that there is always a visual anchor point check. Simply line up the glow ring (sight guard) with the edge of the peep sight. No mater how twisted out of shape I get in A tree stand, I can line up the glow in the dark guard with my peep and know I'm anchored properly with a quick look. Becomes second nature after awhile. I believe many fixed pin sights with a circle guard around the pins can be used the same way...? I don't know, I started out with the Predator IV and it's the ONLY thing I haven't changed over the years.
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