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not sure if this is the proper forum.....but here goes. i have a .3006 that is a heavy fouler. i've tried outers bore solvent, hoppe's elite, andbore tech eliminator. i've done numerous repetitions with each and nothing seems to clean the last couple of inches of the bore. any suggestions would be appreciated. btw have also tried soaking the bore in kano kroil with no luck.
Hoppe's is a great perfume, but as a cleaner, it leaves something to be desired. Try Butch's Bore Shine and/or Shooters' Choice. Both have worked for me. Sweet's 7.62 Splvent is supposeedly quite good, but I have not used it. Since it comes from Australia, it is probably good.....

IF you lap your bore really well with J.B. Compound from Brownell's, it may stop fouling near the muzzle...
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