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Thank you to all those that have responded. Bigbulls, I have read about the whisper series before and don't know why didn't think about researching those calibers. I spent some time tonight searching for calibers of subsonic ammunition and handloads for subsonic ammunition and came across some forums I haven't seen before with some good information, so the replies have helped me to keep an open mind to all the possibilities. I plan to do more research before making a decision on which direction to go, so any experience/information(caliber, load data, accuracy distance, brand of silencer if one is used) with whisper calibers that could be used forwhitetails would be greatly appreciated! So far the most noteable information I found is that 100 yards would probably be the max range for consistent accuracy with subsonic ammo (after which the bullet starts to tumble due to low velocity. Which isn't too bad for the woods and marsh areas I hunt in central WI. (Which of course will vary by caliber and load data.) I plan on contacting the WI DNR to inquire about the use of a silencer/suppressor for hunting whitetails and small game within the week, which of course is the most important piece of this puzzle...

A11en, I didn't know about the required waver to sign your property to open search without a warrant when owning a silencer/suppressor; very interesting.
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