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Default RE: Shoot coming up in a month or two....

Thanks, Matt. I will be shooting these arrows in the circuit here that only has me shooting max 30yds. (this year, anyways). I'll formulate another arrow (and possibly another BOW) for the '09 3D season. I'll get with you on those choices, too. think I'll still be "pretty much" shooting one pin for this circuit? If so.....I'll get these ordered and order a few extra bushings and tips (witht he 30x's).

I'd just as soon get it set up "legal" up front.....and get used to it.

So that I'm straight......I WILL be using different pin nock bushings and tips for the 30X's?

I suppose I won't have a need for the reg. x-cutters.....and could sell them? I think I have 10 or 11 left.
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