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Default Looking for a Recurve

Hi Everyone,

I used to shoot longbow and hunt quite a bit with the bow, but stopped a few years ago and sold my bow to a friend who needed it. Now I am interested in re-starting archery in order to be ready for next deer season. Due to geographic location, Archery shops, especially Traditional Archery Shops, are few and far between. I have been reading the boards and checking out the links provided for places that sell used recurves but haven' t had any luck.

I figured I would ask if anyone was selling a decent used recurve. I am looking for a 45 pound draw or so, pretty much any kind of bow. An old Bear would probably be ideal. Just something to get me going and maybe carry me through the first season.

Or alternately, If anyone had a decent used Check Mate Falcon or something along the same lines for sale I would also be interested. Then I would just start with a better bow and scrap the idea of a used Bear.

You can get ahold of me at [email protected] Thanks
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