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I find it interesting that KE is brought up to explain the need for speed. Realisticaly it has always been more about not needing to know the difference between 12yards and 15, 18, 22... etc. Flatter shooting the less guess work when shooting.

KE is not only effected by speed of an arrow but also by weight of an arrow. A heavier arrow traveling slower can have the same KE as a light arrow traveling faster. I'm not trying to start an argument. I'm just saying if your in fact after KE speed is not the only factor.

To me I like a heavier arrow. These bows with an arrow on the heavy side should still produce good speed and have a ton of energy with the arrow. I'd just like to see someone that shoots more weight than the (usualy minimal weight) carbon super light etc....

Just my 2 cents. But speed isn't everything to me. That being siad.....DANG THATS FAST!
Yeah no kidding but for the sake of what I posted, I said SAME arrow, MORE speed is MORE KE. In fact, I even went further and mentioned that with me as an example, I can go from one bow, my Ally to the 82nd and use a lesser poundage bow with the same arrow and have more KE via more speed. HMMmmm
True enough.

I think my old compound shoots somewhere around 220. LOL And my slefbows are around 150 fps. So that would be a huge jump for me....of course I can't imagine spending that much right now anway so I'll stick with what I got.

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