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Default RE: Week 2 Scores discussion answer your question...All of the Seriously i think my front shoulder is weak too. I shot today and midway through the round(practice) i decided to lower my draw weight. I turned it down to 60lbs. After having it at around 67lbs and dropping to 60 it felt really weird and i had trouble getting used to it. For some reason I didnt feel as stable, but I stuck out the round and shot a pretty weak 413-7x. After the round i just practiced a little more and got used to the feel of the new weight. Right before i left the shop i was hitting X's like crazy. I dont know where it was at when i shot my round. I'm getting some new arrows soon. I bought some CX linejammers today so that should give me some extra points.

Just out of curiousity is it OK that i shoot rounds for practice and turn in my "real" round later in the week? If not I'll post this score I dont really care.
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