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Default RE: Week 2 Scores discussion

Ended up with a 450 - 40x game tonight in the basement (10 yards for those that didn't read my earlier post).

Out of curiosity............I'd love to hear from others what prevents them from being a better indoor archer? What's the weak spot in your game?

My front shoulder is my weak spot. I get fatigued, it starts to float around on me, and that directly affects my shot timing because that front shoulder effectively changes where things are anchored on the back end making it harder to pull through the shot to make it break. This causes some of my shots to break outside my critical timing windowof when I'm 99% likely to hit that 10 ring (4-5 seconds after I hit full draw), and I'm not disciplined enough to let down on all of these shots. I let 2 of them down tonight. If I would have let 5 more down tonight, I would have likely cleaned a 450 vegas game on X's from 10 yards.........[8D].

I'm working on this a lot, and I honestly think the only thing I can do is shoot as many quality arrows as I can every day to helpbuild more stamina andstrength in that front shoulder to keep it from fatiguing so quickly. This is big part of what I hope to be able to accomplish in my basement as well as the mental aspect that you gain by pounding the middle out at 10 yards.

Anyone else? I'd be curious to hear more from others.......
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