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Default RE: Week 2 Scores discussion


I bet that 7-10-10 round was an interesting one.
Yep. I shoot the no. 2 target, first. And if I remember correctly....that was my first arrow of that end. Ooops.

I was talking to Rob...and told him I didn't eat hardly anything today. I shot as soon as I got home and I was shaking while I was shooting. Not even close to being an excuse. I'm happy as hell I shot the round I did. I don't want it back (if ya know what I mean). Kinda like playing a good round of gold when you know you don't have your "A" game that day. I always loved that.

That's as good as I can shoot, right there.
Oh I know exactly what you mean with the golf anology...I played many junior tournaments and played throughout high school and sometimes you just have to scratch and claw for the 75 but it's all the same on the scorecard.
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