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this may get long so bare with me. recently my father inlaw gave me a small collection of relics that his father baught back from the war. one thing he gave me was a old military pistol, i wanted to dispose of it at first because im quite frankley not a gun person. ive never felt the need to have or be around guns. i joined another much smaller forum and asked for advice about the situation. ive sence descided to keep the old peice of history, even if i never use it,after all it is a faimly heirloom.

ive run in to a problem, im getting interested in the history of my father inlaws father and the war in general. idont know much about guns and seems like there was not alot of experts on the other board that i was on. i picked up on the fact that it is a 1911a1 but before that i did not even know what it was.could you all help me find out the history behind these guns. theframe says

"united states property m1911a1 U.S. ARMY No.1994XXX" it has some kind of round seal with cannons near the rear of the bottom part of the gun on the right side. its got a p under the release button,a j on the oppisite side on the trigger guard, and a FJA on the left side under the slide release.

the slide says

remington rand inc.
syracuse, n.y. u.s.a.

heres some of the stuff that he gave us. im not sure if all of these are from the same man. i do believe so but theres some things that are older like one of the knives is marked 1911 and theres a little card reader that shows different flag signals that are from the early 1900s as well. i wish i would have payed more attention to her father. i could not put some of the things in these pictures as soon as my wife gets home and tells me where they are ill post them also.
can i track where he was with the information that i have? what do the markings on the uniforum mean?

some of the pictureshave writing on the back. theres several with luzon, lingayen, leyte scribbled on the back. the two pictures on the boat are dated 2, september, 1945 but theres no name of the ship. the rest of the pictures are blank. theres some other pictures im not going to share on here because there rather grafic.

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