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Default RE: S&W 629 44 mag.

Porting will reduce muzzle jump and to some extent reduce recoil.

Ruger vs S&W is an old debate.
I think it boils down to what you want: truck (Ruger) vs sports car (S&W).

S&W is a fine handgun. Great trigger, accurate, sweet handling.
Ruger is a good handgun. Built like a tank, fairly accurate, all most impossible to destroy.

S&W is a range or home defense pistol.
Ruger is a do anything pistol. That will perform as a hammer in a pinch.

A stainless S&W still has a lot of regular carbon steel in its action. I don’t want to take a S&W in the river with me. While a stainless Ruger’s actions are that, stainless. My Ruger has been through it all; rain, salt, mud, life in a truck all the time, and I’ll admit to not taking the best care of it. That is what a Ruger is built for. For me, my Ruger Redhawk is a better fit for its intended use, heavy on the hip though.

I will have nice S&W someday.

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