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Default RE: S&W 629 44 mag.



P.S.: The clubbing is actually not a joke. The reason S&W went with theheavy barrel and underlug was when police officer's hit a suspect with their pistol(instead of shooting them), the S&W barrels could bend. Sounds silly, but it is true.
What police department uses or has used 44 magnums for a duty weapon???

I think you've been watching too many Dirty Harry movies... lol

I was referring to the Model 10 and the Model 13. The addendum was done as an after thought, and in no way referred to a 44 Magnum. Study your pistol history a little and you might be surprised what you learn. But then maybe the S&W Historian lied to me??? I do not think so. Tom.
The thread is aboutthe 629 (44 mag.) not a 38 spl... Sorry i couldn't read your mind and make the switch... I'll try to do better next time... lol

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