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Default First vegas attempt...score?

Now, you may have seen my post the other day asking about Vegas ring size in my attempt to translate that to my Morelli Outdoor Range target. Based on the measurments given, I went out today and shot my first "simulated" vegas round (450). I picked three dots on the morelli bag to use for my basis for each end. I used a tape measure to mark out my "rings" (the reason I don't have Vegas targets yet is I'm simply too lazy to get around to ordering some, I may do that now that I'm online thinking of it). I stood at 22yds (I know it should be 20, but I was back a bit from my 20yd marker). I shot what I believe to be a 349-4x. I have no clue how good that is on a general scale. I estimated on the low side as well, and that was with three 0 point shots[:'(]. I was punching the trigger from time to time and the wind was making me a little shaky, but those aren't excuses, just noted things that occured. My x count is really low, and I hit a lot of 9s, a decent amount of tens, but not a lot in the X ring as you can see. So how is this score? Poor? Average?

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