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Default RE: Maxi-balls and Maxi-hunters

We (my son and I) got new CVA inlines last year and started out with 245 gr. Powerbelts. Shot good, but he hit a doe, knocked her down and tried to put in a 2nd finishing shot---missed, and while reloading she got up and walked away. found about five 1/4" drops of blood in about 3/4 mile of tracking. Back to the range. I went with the 295 lead Powerbelt and he went with the 320 Maxi' s. Got good accuracy, but didn' t have another chance on deer to see how they worked. We haven' t tried using the wonder wads, but have some to try before next season.
I got my deer with the 295 lead Powerbelt, but first blood found was where the deer fell - about 40 yards. I' m going to check out the 350 Maxi hollow points.
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