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Hey Guys,

I probably should have posted the outcome. I thought about it for a couple of days and called the owner back and stated that the meat probably would have tasted like crud and not to worry. I wasn't mean or friendly, just matter of fact. He ended up providing my son to come up and take a free ram on his 5th birthday. (it is in march and since I had already set up a date I felt this was fair). It was my choice to shot the hog so like retieverman said I should have pushed the guide out of the way and just gutted the hog! I don't feel bad about taking the free ram hunt since my hog hung out in front of the shop for two hours while they used it for a billboard as about 15 trucks stopped and they handed out brochures quicker than they processed my hog!

If they got free advertising out of your hog instead of taking care of it for you..... by all means have one heck of a hunt with your son for that ram!
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