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Default RE: 1st Annual HNI Ice Fishing Tournament Submissions

Now when you sign up put at least three groups of fish you will be fishing for.
Your top three fish for each group will add up to a total length and the leaders will be determined by the most total inches of the three top fish. Now there will also be a top ice fishing angler and that will be determined by how many top 3 postions you have so for example if a person is 1st in two of the groups and 3rd in another they will have 7 points(1st=3points, 2nd=2points, 3rd=1 point) and another is 2nd in 3 groups he/she has 6 points. Now you can apply for more then 3 groups but only your top three positions will go towards the top ice fishing angler scoring. Any pictures submitted must have a pic of the fish against a tape measure and a date. The sign-up will run till Dec 1st now if anyone has ice before then and gets some fish you may enter them after the sign-up
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