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Default RE: snowmobile acident

Listen, if conditions arw so bad that you can't see whats in front of you, you should not be out at all. My dad has seen a worse accident you have. Here is the story-

My dad was the lead guy in a group of about 5 people. Up ahead, he saw a large group of snowmobiles. Someone came up to him franticlly asking my dad if he had a cell phone, because there was a major crash. My dad did have one, and give it to the guy. Medical help came, but the scene was not pretty.

A snowmobiler had made a turn into what he though was a turn on the trail, but it wasnt. Around that turn, was a tree. He was thrown so hard off of the sled that his boots were still in the snowmobile. He hit the tree so hard that his helmet split in half, and he hit his head.

The medical team gave CPR, but it was too late. My dad heard his last breath, and he helped carry his dead body out to the ambulance.

So, remember this, and be careful.
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