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Germ: Just in case you missed it... Team 13 is putting together a little championship package for our fans. (see offer below)

And you're right. If nobody can leapfrog us - my ego may actually become so largethat it could actually blockout the sun, resulting in dramatic global climate changes. It's possible.

Follow the team's historic march to glory with this great fan package from Buckmasters Magazineand The Dark Horses!

Included in the package:

[ul][*]The critically-acclaimed hunting manual: "How to actually kill deer (and not just talk about it online)" by quiksilver.[*]A Whisker Biscuit - signed by all ten of the Dark Horses! (With Certificate of Authenticity)[*]A stuffed "Dark Horse" mascot (see picture below).[*]52 weeks of unlimited access to the Dark Horses team thread, where you can unlock the secrets of this year's greatest team![*]A "naughty fillies" calendar, complete with Team DH's wives, mistresses and girlfriends posing with various dead animals.[/ul]

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