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In many cases, depending on your ability, the difference between a $500 bow and a $700 bow is just $200.

and don't limit yourself to the "big 3", lotsa other great bows out there... in fact, if $$$ is an issue at all, i'd be willing to bet real money that you can find a bow other than a Big 3 brands that shoots every bit as good (in some cases better) for a significant savings... check bear, diamond, ross, gander's house brand Guide Series (made by diamond i believe), and many others... bet you end up finding something there you like that isn't "Big 3" and saves you a fair bit of coin... but if you are only gonna be satisfied with Big 3 then by all means, limit your search... my search left me not liking mathew or hoyt very much and the $$ kept me from getting a bowtech, really liked the diamond bows, bear truth was nice also, but the grip didn't agree with me... most important, go shoot 'em and buy the one you like... and have fun doin it, its the most fun shopping experience i've ever had...
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