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He should be just fine since the rifle is scoped. Although make sure he only shoots high percentage broadside shots. He should be fine if he aims center mass on a broadside shot. Also watch him so he does not get too excited and pull the shot. He only gets one chance.

I done this with a nephew one year when I took him hunting. He was so excited when this little buck walked out, I had to tell him to calm down. I could see he was about ready to burst. Finally I told him the deer out in the field was not going to be a target. He looked shocked. It was a little four pointer. I told him he could practice sight pictures though. So I had him aim the iron sights on the Renegade on a broadside shot. I then told him to cock the rifle and hit the set trigger, but not to fire the rifle as this was all practice. When I asked if he was aimed dead on, he said he was. So I told him hold your sight picture, and touch the trigger with his finger and just take the slack off it for practice. When the rifle fired, he was surprised. he looked at me with this strange look and I told him.. did you hit it or not. When he looked out in the woods and saw that deer laying there, he did not know what to say until I congratulated him on a fine shot. He then handed me the rifle and told me his knees would not work for him to stand. We still laugh about that when I see him.
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