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Default RE: IDNR Snakes/Cats ?

I doa lot of hunting near Okawville and have seen a bobcat only 1 time. But I know others that have seen them multiple times and have even seen cubs following their mother. So I do know bobcat arounds.

Apparently down in Coulterville there was a Cougar that was shot during the first shotgun season. IDNR came out to the guy's place and wanted to ask questions...said he wasn't in trouble for shooting it and said the IDNR just wanted to know if Cougars really were around. I have also talked to somebody who knew somebody who had shot a Cougar during the first shotgun season too. Also know of some pictures of Cougar tracks south of the Okawville area. There have also been plenty of recent reports around my hunting area (more south of where I hunt) about Cougar sitings.

I know, this is a lot of 2nd hand info, but I believe it all based on the people that I'm hearing it yeah, I think there's Cougars around now.
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