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No offense to you Pennsy guys, but railing someone because they used a handheld radio to inform each other of deer movement in the woods? Now, I know the law apparently says "no electronic.....", so I'd like to invite a few of you to hunt in the south once or twice. Those radio collarson dogs AREN'T to track the dogs for easy retrievel....they are to track the dogs and see where they are chasing the deer out so they can cut them off. Those CB radio's they use aren't to let each other know so they can come help retrieve the dogs....they are to inform those who don't have the collar receiver where the dogs are chasing deer out so they can cut them off.

I think sometimes the word of the law is taken a little literally. How many hunting today can tell you exactly what time he/she is allowed to pick up and be holding a weapon by state legal hunting times? Ours is 30 minutes before official sunrise and after official sunset....there isn't a hunter in my state that could tell you an EXACT time. No one is 100% according to the word of the law, it doesn't matter who you are. I'm leaving my glass house now and going across the street into my blind....Official sunrise is 7:04 AM, that means I'm not supposed to step into the woods for another hour with a weapon. But, we all know that if I wait until then I'll be all but yelling to the deer that I'm going into my blind.
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