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story.......Hunting public land in zone 6.......deer dressed out @195#s........7 ptr has a split rt G1 could be an 8.......
Day after thankgiving I went to my stand at 3:00 in the afternoon and just had the feeling that today was going to be the day.I have only hunted this particular stand two other times and each time I went in there the place was more trashed than the time beforewith an increasingly amount of rubs and scrapes.I put up twelve lockon stands each year and only hunt them when I feel the right conditions exist so my chances remain good and the stands don't burnout.
well anyway....I start bleating ang follow with a few grunts with my Truetalker....nothing on the first serries but after the second about a half hour laterI hear a deer coming from the bottom.I slowly turn and put some glass on him and know right away this ones ah shooter. It was as if he was on a string ,he worked his way up the ridge and gave me a perfect 10 yd. broadside shot.He was so unalarmed that I decided not to stop him and just shoot him while he slowly walked by.I just love that sound of a double lung shot....he took off but only 20 yds.and stopped.He stood there looking back, pounding his hooves into the ground with blood pouring out of the lower exit hole not realizing what had startled him.
After 15 minutes he slowly walked another 20 yds and laid down in his final resting spot. It took myself and two friends over an hour to get him out the 3/4 mile drag to the truck.It's been a great year in mass for me, I've seen two other shooters besides but had no shot oportunities on them.
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