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Default RE: My Field Journal (VA & NC)

I'm really just gonna compare dates with activity seen (like whe I started to see scrapes/rubs, bucks chasing does, etc. I keep track of the weather and the activity seen so if similiar weather patterns happen or differnt ones for that matter I can compare the activity. I am saving the moon dataagain just to compare thedates i.e when is the second full moon this season and when will it fall next season, things like that.

Trust me there is no real method to my madness. Ithink it would likely take several seasons of doing this and then maybe I could graph it or chart it out to see any obvious patterns (as far as month/moon info goes). There is also a lot of locationspecific info and more stuff written down that I don'tpost but there is no real science behind it.

It will also help me when scheduling time off next season, I can look back and say "oh yeh I really should take a couple days off this week or that week."
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