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Default RE: Ruger V. Remington

I'dgo Ruger. Sturdy and dependable. Built tough. There's a reason the Mauser-style action has been *the* action for the last 100+ years.

Rugershave a reputation as having bad triggers, but the 'bad' ones aren't all THAT bad and the newer ones have been decent, even good. Either way, it's a cheap ($50 +/-) easy fix, so it's hardle even a knock against them anyway.

Fit and finish? Look for yourself. I find it laughable that anyone would say Rugers take a backseat in this area to a company that produces the 710.

Accuracy? I've had zero problems. None. Either the accuracy 'issues' that others have alluded to areexaggerated or I've been *really* lucky and just happen to get 'shooters' when I get a Ruger.

And yes, I realize it's just a rimfire, but when I shoot a Remington 597, I don't exactly get a warm fuzzy feeling that instills confidence in me that I'm dealing with a company who really cares about quality from top to bottom.
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