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I actually carry a compass now because of Love Valley, we got turned around out there as well. Luckily once we got out of the woods we figured it out fairly quickly. I couldnt imagine spending the night out there in the rain.

You definately need to get you Ft. Sill class out of the way, I went down yesterday for a gun hunt. I shot a doe at 8 am, I should have waited to see how the rest of the day turned out, but I have gotten skunked for the past two years. They told me that on saturday a guy shot a 22 point buck out there. I forgot to go into the office and take a look at the pictures. They said its up there with one of the largest taken out there, it should be in the cannoneer (ft. sill paper) here in a few weeks. you can pull it up online. Anyway fort sill is crawling with deer, between 8am and 10am I could have shot 5 deer with my bow. Two of them I thought were gonna run me over, it was a little fork horn chasing around a doe. Once they got within 10 yards I got nervious, i was actually gutting the doe I shot when they ran up on me. I had a great time out there and wish I had more time to go back down there.
heres the number to sportsmans services 580-442-3453, they are open 24 hrs and you can find out when thier next class will be.
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