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Default RE: Okies - Check In!

First thing I did was climb the trees in my back yard. It was a bit scary the first time I went up a tree, I just had to build trust in the stand. I love the stand, Maybe with some money from tax season I will buy one. I would love to go out on saturday, but I need to spend some time with the wife. She has been home with our newborn and she is really pent up and needs to get out and do something or she is going to drive me nuts.

Saturday Ill be with the wife, sunday I have a gun hunt at Ft. Sill. Monday I am off if your up to go out there or get together about the elk hunt in december. The 17th Im headed to Altus-Lugert for gun season opener. I definatley want to spend somemore time out at Thunderbird, I have the gun hunts but they wont be as satisfying as taking my first deer with my bow.

Let me know when you have some free time.
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