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Hey, I dont remember if I sent you a message the other day.
The stand worked great, thanks again for letting me try it out. I hunted friday at 84th and rockcreek, I had a spike come in brouse the fallen leaves and then he walked back up the way he came and walked off to my right down the dirt path. When I got there that morning I didnt realize that dirt path was there so I tromped through teh trees down about 80-100 yards from the parking area. In the afternoon i hunted off to the left side of the dirt path where the deer have been crossing. I didnt see anything till I got back to my truck, there was a doe or a small buck about 15 yards next to my truck....that figures. Im definately going to have to spend some more time out there. It only takes me 25 minutes to get there from my house which is great. This sunday I got drawn for a gun hunt at Ft. Sill so hopefully I will see a good buck or two. I hear there are some monsters out there. Im not exactly sure how it all works, but I believe that I can take guests out there to hunt deer as long as it archey. Id like to get you out there and get you a monster, payback for letting me borrow your stand. Ill have to get some info from them on sunday when I go down there.

How did your brother do over in the other location?
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