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Default RE: Okies - Check In!

Hey KC10Chief, you are correct on the tags. Unless you have a lifetime license you will either have to buy all your deer tags or buy them as you need them.

Are you going down to Love Valley for gun season?? I got drawn for a gun hunt this sunday at Ft. Sill, I didnt realize they start thier season before the rest of the state but thier gun hunts are only on the weekends. Im going to head down to Altus-Lugert on the 17th, you are more than welcome to head down with me and a buddy if you want. I live about 3 miles from Tinker. Theres not a ton of deer on the section we hunt at Altus-Lugert, but so far we have been the only people to hunt the area, thats why we always go back. Last year I ran into a real monster of a buck out there during archery season, hopefully I will see him again. Oh Altus Lugert is Slug only, and I believe its antlered only as well.

I would think that 180 grain would be overkill, but I doubt you would have to do any tracking. You would be fine with 150 grain

Have you been shooting all those hogs at Love Valley, me and a buddy went down there during june or was a fricking jungle. We didnt see anything down there, but I hear there are a ton of them out there.

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