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Default My first Deer

Last thursday I was priveleged in taking my first deer. It was my third time out bowhunting and using this spot. I had seen several deer from my treestand at this location but was never offered a shot (some were close though). Around 4:45 PM this buck walked under my treestand, went about 10 yards and turned broadside, with my adrenalin rocking through my veins I placed one right through his vitals. I watched him bolt about 60 yards and turn into the woods. I gave it about 45 minutes and made my way down from the tree, I found my arrow sticking out of the ground completely covered in bright red blood. Once again the adrenalin rush. It then took me less than 5 mins. to find him just into the woodline.
It winds up being a young buck so I was a little disappointed at first. The more I thought about it thoughthe more proud I became. I took a buck on my third trip bowhunting, and everything I know about the sport I learned from books, videos, and this sight. So with one under my belt I will head out to my spot and wait for abigger one. I will say this the thrill is unbelievable and I am hooked on this sport for life.
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