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Default RE: Lone Wolf noise problems??

I just bought a hand climber stand wednesday. This works great and amazing, but mine also makes some noise. my noise occurs in the seat area if i bend to look around the tree. I am 6'3" 225 and am pretty sure that this noise is not my fault. I noticed the first time i put it together, the seat was not right. The bars that swivel back that holds the strap, has a washer on one side and the other does not have one, so i have to use a lot of physical force to push the bars back so i can use it to climb. My other complaint is the new crappy way that the platform "locks" into place. I have no idea how to work it correctly, i just try to squeeze them in and out until they move. my buddys stand is an older model, and has the thing that you unscrew to move the platform bars into workable condition. It is a very cheap way, the things that you used to screw, spin about 2 inches and do nothing that i can figure out. i like the stand, but am disappointed in the quality now. anyone know if i should contact them and tell them about a washer being only on one side, as the metal is wearing the bar that holds the strap.
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