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Default RE: My Field Notes

The buck I saw at our farm was a big wide 8, I am off Monday, Nov. 5 and Tuesday, Nov. 6 but I will be hunting on the Eastern Shore with my 6 year old from a ground blind. Where our farm is you have to be elevated in a 10 foot stand to bp hunt and right now we only have 1 two person stand up.. I will hunt the farm again this Saturday (Nov. 10) but for now and for convenience we will be heading over to the shore for a little "Ground Blind Big Buck Bonanza".

Leaving today after lunch, the weather on the shore is supposed to be decent with winds from the S to SSW so that will work out and the temps are staying pretty low at night so I am hoping the bucks are still doing their thing.

One thing I just thought of while I was packing. I like my digital camera as far as the ease of taking and loading pictures but I am going to have to invest in a nice 35mm camera with some good lenses.

I always take my camera on stand but the digital (mine anyway)isn't very good for that. There was a moment on Saturday when that buck crossed the corner of the field and the powerline. He was standing within 10 yards ofone of our otherladder stands. That would have been one sweet pic if I could have gotten them both in a pic with the buck standing broadside to an empty stand. Classic.

Realistically, I still would have missed the pic regardless of the camera because I was so busy watching him through the scope and whispering to him, you knowwhat I'm talking about: "Come on...just a little closer...keep more step.....turn a' turn like on.....don't walk that way.....(andright about nowyou get desperate with the last second grunt attempts).....No!!.....come on .....what are you doing?.....Damn it!"

He's gone.

And nowit's time to getback to sittin' in the woods looking at trees, between nodding sessions of course, but I've heard that your sense of hearing increases like 10 fold during sleep.
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